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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already stressed nursing shortage forcing many hospitals and other healthcare facilities to increase their use of contract workers to support nursing care. 

“Unfortunately, some staffing agencies are exploiting the severe workforce shortages by charging uniformly high rates and retaining up to 40% or more of those amounts for themselves.” — Rick PollackPresident and CEO, American Hospital Association

Highly Skilled

Many foreign-educated healthcare professionals who make up the current U.S. registered nurses’ workforce have years of quality healthcare experience before coming to the U.S. Some were skilled in Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or the Middle East.


Most foreign healthcare candidates are looking for healthcare organizations that will help them grow and expand their nursing skills. Those who experience respect and acceptance in their new environment, also establish their families in the community.

Direct Hire

Our direct hire recruiting model eliminates the middleman giving employers control and flexibility to hire and retain valuable workers and build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Direct hire also reduces the dependency on contract labor.


Optimize Search

Instead of reading the full resume to determine the experience and eligibility of a candidate, our proprietary program captures main professional criteria for efficiency and print/save all selections in fewer number of pages.



We provide solutions to your staffing needs, from grassroot candidate search, qualify submissions, schedule online interviews, facilitate the hiring process, assist candidates in credentialing and licensure process, and help manage immigration paperwork.