About Us

"Time and again, we are placed in a position to humble ourselves and reach out to people we do not even know and share with them an opportunity that will forever change their lives and alter the course of their family’s history for generations to come…. A chance to live in one of the greatest nations in the world and experience the so-called the ‘American Dream’.”

— Romy Baylon, Founder & President, U.S. Healthcare Gateway

Our diverse team, partners, and consultants have a combined experience of over 75 years in U.S. healthcare system, management, immigration, and skilled worker recruitment in North America.

We understand the culture of overseas employment, the pain of family separation, the diminishing hope of achieving the American Dream due to lack of funds to pay for the required licensing and certifications, and the substantiated fear of falling victim to unscrupulous recruiters who prey on the vulnerabilities of overseas job seekers wanting the best for their family.

We are here to serve you.

Safeguarding the Welfare of Foreign-educated Healthcare Workers

Although our system is designed for employers to hire registered candidates directly, we participate in the review of employment agreement on behalf of the candidates to ensure employers adhere to the U.S. government Permanent Labor Certification conditions regarding prevailing wage and new hires are paid based on the work to be performed and are guaranteed full-time permanent employment.

Supporting U.S. Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

We are committed to be part of the solution to offset the persistent nursing shortage by maintaining a strong pipeline of highly skilled nurses and medical workers from around the globe.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To become part of something bigger than ourselves, something that gives us purpose and meaning.

To become an agent of change and perpetuate the goodness that is inherent in us all.

Our Culture

Honesty in the conduct of our daily business

Protect the integrity of the foreign recruitment industry

Passion to make a difference

Social Responsibility

We believe that we have a responsibility to participate in the mission of the church to advocate priesthood, promote the preservation of the basic unit of our society (family), and to work on the common good, especially for the poor, the vulnerable, and the incarcerated.

 “The church of tomorrow passes through the seminaries of today.” — St. Pope John Paul II