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U.S. Healthcare Gateway is a network of foreign-educated healthcare professionals and U.S.-based healthcare organizations. We serve as a bridge to connect the interest of both communities: to support U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems offset staffing shortage, and to safeguard the welfare of foreign-educated healthcare candidates. The platform provides a resume and credential depository for job candidates who wishes to work in the United States and a recruitment tool for job sponsors to find suitable applicants for their organization.

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What is Direct Hire?

Direct Hire is an employment process in which a hiring company (also the EB-3 Visa sponsor), offers candidate a full-time permanent position. Upon acceptance, the candidate immediately becomes an employee of the company (not an agency) with industry standard pay and benefits.

Benefits of Direct Hire


  • Full-time employment
  • Competitive and prevailing wage scale
  • Specific role and location, not “we’ll let you know later”
  • Employer compensation package not from the agency
  • No “buy-out” clause
  • Offers a career choice, not assignment


  • Bigger pool of highly skilled foreign candidates
  • Selection control
  • Better employee integration to company culture
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Higher retention
  • Cost effective